Russian Old Believer dissenters and Metropolitanate of Braila. Part 2: the delusion-like fantasies of deacon Prasolov

The new dissenters (see Part 1 below) decided to get a support from Braila, but Kornily was more efficient – he called Metropolitan Leonty and informed him about new Old Believer dissenterism and the privation of Elisey, and Leonty supported Kornily. But the dissenters cherished hopes that Braila will help them in their dissenterism and trying to win Brailian favor declared some sentences indicated who are their friends among ‘Romanians’.

One of the decisions of their gathering rejected the decree of the Holy Council of the Russian Old Believer Church (Belaya Krinitsa, 2007) “On the relationships with Belokrinitsky Metropolitanate and the situation in Australian parish”, and annulled “The appeal to Brailian Metropolitanate”. Then they repealed the decision of the Council of Russian OB Church (Moscow, 2002) prohibited personal contacts and prayers with priest Akakiy.

Now everyone can see whose support they need. Their first friend is Sofrony dreaming about the Metropolitan cap and somebody else’s money, estate and ass. Who is their second friend? – it’s former priest Akakiy, bishop Antipa now, a.k.a. Jambool, one of the Georgian criminals, who became a bishop by fraudulent contrivance, and lives with his wife being a bishop.

Let’s think why did they decide to demonstrate their loyalty to such persons who provoked so many problems for our Church in general and for Metropolitan Leonty personally? May be they want to split Belokrinitsky Metropolitanate the same they did in Russia? They were accepted by the Metropolitanate in 2003-2004 and are we ready to repeat the same mistake and trigger a backflash once more? No one reasonable person wants it, we hope. But unfortunately some persons of diminished responsibility are ready to try to. We mean Andrew Prasolov from Hungary, absolutely unfit for Old Believer church service former Nikonian sub deacon, who has hardly escaped the suspension from his former Old Believer bishop Ambrose. And now at his web site he published an article trying to embroil Old Believer Metropolitanates. Using absurd arguments he wants us to believe, that Russian Metropolitan Kornily seeks to superiority over Metropolitan Leonty and the Old Believers all over the world using a help from the Russian Government. And after it both Russian and Romanian branches of our Church will be absorbed by the New Rite Russian Patriarchate!

Deacon Prasolov informs us that Russian Government decided to train agents for this purpose through preserving Russian language and culture and creating favorable conditions for Russian-speaking children of Romania to get education in Russian. And the final catastrophe will happen, deacon Prasolov raves, when the cathedral of the Dormition of Our Lady in Belaya Krinitsa would be face-lifted next year for Mentropolitan Leonty would be invited for the centennial of this Church by Metropolitan Kornily and the leader of the Russsian-lipovans community Miron Ignat. And when Metropolitan Leonty will accept this invitation he will be immediately appointed by Russian national leader Putin, come there especially for this, and our Old Believer Church will be destroyed right away and vanished in a short time! Who is ready to help this insane columnist to visit alienist?


Об авторе old believers

Old Believers and Old Ritualists Join us if you want to make our Old Believer and Old Rite Church pure! Paul, Max and all our faithful team
Запись опубликована в рубрике Old Believers, Romania, Russia. Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

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