The Chronicles of the Monastery of Libby. Part 1

Since last Sunday archbishop Sofrony visits the Old Believer monastery of Libby, Montana. He would met there 2 American boys who have no place for living and archbishop Sofrony decided to make them monks and place them in Libby. It looks like that bad experience he has got with the monks of Dakota is not an actual problem for archbishop Sofrony any more and he decided to start the same mad performance again. But this case gives us the cause of telling the story of that monastery of Libby.

The history of the monastery of Libby started in 1990-s when some of the Oregonian Old Believers decided to organize a hermitage for people who were ready to dedicate themselves to God and spiritual life. Our Lord said: you can’t serve two masters and it’s impossible to serve Our Lord and mammon at the same time. Everyone knows that a monastery is not only prayers but real estate too and there is a great temptation to mix these objects and turn monasticism into one of the forms of business. If that would happen one could find no spiritual life there any more but only business. From the very beginning of the history of the monastery in Montana one may find a lot of signs of spiritual deception and guess that mammon but not God was chosen as an object of worships in that so called monastery.  If we are true Old Believers we have to purify ourselves through the truth and stop all the dirty things happened there.

Our chronicles must be started from the very beginning where one could find the case of 20 logs. In 1998 metropolitan Leonty was informed that 20 logs were stolen by archbishop Sofrony from one of the wood plots in Montana, and after that more logs were stolen by Sofrony on the purpose of building the monastery. After that Sofrony raised a cross there and without any permission from the side of the new owner of the plot began his preparations of building the monastery on the misappropriated land of the stolen lumber.

To be continued…


Об авторе old believers

Old Believers and Old Ritualists Join us if you want to make our Old Believer and Old Rite Church pure! Paul, Max and all our faithful team
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