Old Believer girls of Nikolaevsk Girl Scout troop

 Девочки-старообрядки из скаутского отряда в Николаевске добились больших успехов в сборе средств для своего движения. Их успешная стратегия по продаже печенья обеспечила девичьему скаутскому движению значительные поступления. Об этом рассказывает статья McKibben Jackinsky, помещенная ниже.

Story last updated at 7:16 PM on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 

New Nikolaevsk Girl Scout troop boosts local sales of cookies

By McKibben Jackinsky
Staff writer 

She’s only 8 and this is her first year as a Girl Scout, but Jalee Martushev of Nikolaevsk is leading the troops when it comes to cookie sales. Since the first part of February, Jalee has sold more than 400 boxes.

«She’s sold to everybody. People in the village, family, friends. Her aunt. Her uncle. She sold to a lot of people at the bowling alley,» said her mother, Pepper Martushev, co-leader for Troop 737, a new Girl Scout troop at Nikolaevsk.

Photographer: McKibben Jackinsky, Homer News

Pavla Tyson, left, helps Girl Scouts from Troop 737 Feodora Mametieff and Jalee Martushev and Pepper Martushev, the troop’s co-leader, deliver cookies to bowlers at Kachemak Bowl.

What’s Jalee’s sales secret?

«She just walks up to people and asks if they want to support the Girl Scout troop,» Martushev said.

The reputation of Girl Scout cookies also pushes sales. There are a total of eight different varieties, but Jalee’s recordkeeping points to some favorites.

«She’s sold 106 boxes of Thin Mints and 102 boxes of Samoas,» Martushev said of the high sellers.

Those also are high sellers across the Homer area, according to Beth Trowbridge, who wears two Girl Scout hats: Trowbridge is the assistant service unit manager and the service unit cookie manager.

«This year we ordered 125 cases of Samoas — 1,500 boxes — and 121 cases — 1,452 boxes — of Thin Mints,» Trowbridge said. Next are Tagalongs, a peanut butter chocolate cookie. «We ordered 61 cases of those.»

Seventy percent of the proceeds from cookie sales goes to the Susitna Council and is used to provide scouting programs throughout Southcentral Alaska and to pay for support services, according to Trowbridge. A portion also provides scholarships for girls and troops, as well as activities and events.

«Troops keep 45 cents of each box they sell, a little more than 10 percent, and they will use their proceeds to help do things with their girls,» Trowbridge said.

Sometimes a troop will spend its earnings on special events, like a visit to the Challenger Learning Center in Kenai or a trip out of state to a scouting landmark. Troop 737, comprised of about a dozen girls, is considering using its cookie-sales earnings to have an ice skating pizza party, Martushev said.

In true Girl Scout fashion, the new troop also is involved in projects to better its surroundings, such as making stepping stones to lead to a gazebo being built by a construction class at Nikolaevsk School. Later in the year, they want to plant flowers around the gazebo. Plans also are under way to organize a movie night for village families.

«We want to get the girls more involved in their community, to be nice to each other, to work well, everything that Girl Scouts stands for,» Martushev said.

Ducia Fefelov is the troop’s other co-leader, working with Martushev.

«I wanted to get my daughters into activities that they would enjoy doing,» Fefelov said of the motivation to become involved in scouting. Her daughter, Elizabeth, 6, is now a Girl Scout and her younger daughter, Zoya, 5, is eager to follow in her sister’s footsteps. «It’s been a big success.»

Kelli Hickman is the troop leader.

«We’re so happy to have (Hickman) heading up a troop in Nikolaevsk,» Trowbridge said, adding, «Interestingly enough, it seems like there has been a decrease in the number of girls involved in Girl Scouting in the Homer area, even though we are seeing more girls participating in the outlying areas, such as Nikolaevsk and Anchor Point.»

There are currently about 55 girls registered in eight troops in the Homer area. One of the biggest challenges to scouting is the lack of volunteers to be troop leaders.

«I think that if we had more adults willing to help out with a troop, we could easily find girls to be in them,» Trowbridge said.

You don’t have to be a Girl Scout or a leader to enjoy the cookies. You just have to know a Girl Scout. Like, maybe, Jalee.

«Jalee has gone above and beyond,» Hickman said. «She has done wonderful.»

Cookie-selling Girl Scouts can frequently be spotted at local businesses. Hickman can be reached at 399-1935, and Trowbridge can be contacted at 235-7520.

«I can hook them up with a scout,» Trowbridge said. «But cookies are going fast and some troops are running out of the favorites, so don’t wait too long to call or find a scout.»

Trowbridge also can provide information to anyone wanting to join scouting as a scout or as a leader.

McKibben Jackinsky can be reached at mckibbenjackinsky.@homernews.com.

Источник: http://www.homernews.com/stories/031109/news_2_001.shtml


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