The future of the Old Believer parishes in Australia

There is no doubt that Australia is one of the most painful topics in the relations between Moscow and Gervais. Everyone knows that archbishop Sofrony tries to capture the parish of the Nativity in Sydney for he has a desire to be a single bishop outside Romania and Russia. But we know that archbishop Sofrony is nothing without a financial support from the side of archpriest Timofey Ovchinnikov of Sydney. His dream is to get $ 500 of income per week and there is nothing important except of the value of his income. He knows that there is no the decision of establishing the eparchy of Australia and the eparchy is absolutely phantom in the canonical sphere. And he also knows that the majority of his parish bears him because of the circumstances for he is the only priest in the city of Sydney. But his fear of the priest from Russia is groundless for Moscow has no intension to get him out of the way.

Moscow wants only to protect the parish of the Nativity for there is no secret that the secular life in Australia dilutes the basis of the Old Orthodox life very rapidly. It’s obvious that reverend Timofey will get no success in this field acting alone and he extremely needs a support. And he can receive it only from the side of Moscow. The Metropolitanate of Moscow wants only to preserve its own parish and parishioners from the influence of ungodly secular society of the modern world.

Is there any difference in that case between Moscow and Braila? No difference at all but we have to pay attention that the great part of the Old Believers in Sydney feels their spiritual ties only with Moscow and Russia but not with Braila and Romania. A priest from Russia has a chance to renovate the Old Believer spiritual life in Australia for our ordinary spiritual authorities are absolutely impotent in that field. We have to accept this fact and realize that all of the Old Believers of Australia have to understand that by all means there are and will be two administrative centers of the Old Belief — Moscow and Braila – and we have to accept the situation of two parishes in Sydney with two different spiritual centers – Moscow and Braila.

Everyone may decide what center is close to him – the primordial one in Moscow with more then 1,5 million Old Believers in Russia or the derivative one in Braila with less then 30 thousand faithful in Romania. Everyone have the opportunity to make his choice. And we have to answer the burning question candidly – are we about to see our children Old Believers or not? If our answer would be ‘yes’ we have to be with Moscow and if our answer would be ‘no’, so our future is in Braila.


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Один комментарий на «The future of the Old Believer parishes in Australia»


    Posted by Anonymous:
    If you wish to advocate the existence of two centres for Old Ritualism in Australia — then that is fine. But to do so in the manner which you have undertaken is absolutely ridiculous. You are obviously attacking the «Braila» side, attesting to them the notion of being «Liberated» Old Ritualists. To make comments about Father Timofei and Archbishop Sofrony is also unacceptable.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself. The attitude you have demonstrated on this posting cannot be tagged as «christian» at all, and you have the gaul to claim yourself as a protector of the Old Rite?!!!!

    At both church, there are members of the same families. If one chooses to attend the Dormition or Nativity parishes, that is their right — but to insult them for their choice is so blasphemous and makes you the worst type of hypocrite.

    Shame on you.
    Monday, July 19th 2010 @ 3:28 AM

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