Dominica Reutov is the grand prize winner of the Alaska Association for Bilingual Education

Наша прелестная староверская барышня Домника Реутова, которая учится в выпускном классе школы в Вознесенке, выиграла гран-при Ассоциации двуязычного образования Аляски. Ее эссе, в котором Домника описала как это прекрасно – уметь говорить на двух языках – русском и английском, было признано лучшим, и она получила в качестве приза денежную премию. Осамой победительнице и ее планах на будущее подробно информирует нас McKibben Jackinsky.

Two-language student, teacher honored by state educators

By McKibben Jackinsky

Earlier this year, Domnica Reutov, a senior at Voznesenka School, was named the grand prize winner of the Alaska Association for Bilingual Education essay contest after describing in five concise paragraphs her pride in being able to speak English and Russian.

«(Principal Alex) Trout gave me a paper that said I’d won the contest and I jumped up. ‘Are you serious? I won?’ I was so surprised,» Reutov said of her shock at winning the contest.

 Domnica Reutov

She was awarded $100 and invited to present her essay at the AKABE conference in Anchorage.

«I thought to would be like 20 people or so, but my mom and I came in and there were so many people there,» Reutov said of the audience assembled at the Sheraton Hotel. «I had to sit in front, on the stage with eight other people and read my essay.»

When she finished, Reutov got another surprise.

«Everybody started clapping so hard,» she said, laughing.

After graduating from high school this spring, Reutov has plans to continue her education at Kachemak Bay Campus, Kenai Peninsula College-University of Alaska Anchorage.

Sharing honors with Reutov was Anisia White, the bilingual instructor at Voznesenka. White was named the co-winner of AKABE’s Outstanding Bilingual Educator of the Year award.

«Anisia and Domnica, congratulations to each of you for our outstanding efforts and the awards that you will soon receive,» Voznesenka School Principal Alex Trout wrote in a school newsletter before the January conference in Anchorage.

«The two of you represent the school and community of Voznesenka in a very positive light.»

AKABE is an affiliate of the National Association for Bilingual Education. The organization represents both English language learners and bilingual education professionals. It has affiliate organizations in 23 states and represents a membership of more than 20,000 bilingual and English-as-a-second-language teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, university professors and students, researchers, advocates, policymakers and parents.

This is not the first time Voznesenka School’s bilingual efforts have resulted in recognition at the state level. In 2007, the school’s bilingual program was named «Bilingual Education Program of the Year,» and it was honored at that year’s AKABE conference.

Story last updated at 9:05 PM on Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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