Rep. Paul Seaton advocates for Russian Old Believer hockey players

Rep. Seaton advocates for Russian hockey players

By Aaron Selbig

An effort to change Alaska School Activities Association rules to allow hockey players from the Russian Old Believer villages of Voznesenka, Razdolna and Kachemak Selo to play for Homer High will face an important hurdle Monday when the Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board takes up the issue at their regular meeting.

In a recent letter to the board, Rep. Paul Seaton advocated for the change, saying it would help reduce the dropout rate and provide students «the opportunity to be engaged and interested» in academic life.
If the board approves the rule change, it would still have to be approved by ASAA, which meets in Nome April 27.

Story last updated at 8:30 PM on Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Один комментарий на «Rep. Paul Seaton advocates for Russian Old Believer hockey players»


    Posted by John Alden:
    Good heath to everyone!

    Thank you for your Blog and Website.

    I would make a comment about Old Believers playing modern sports.

    I might be considered an outsider, but I have longed to live like the Old Believers ever since I first learned of them in 1995. One of the many things that interested me was that the Old Believers in Oregon made an agreement with the school system there that Old Believer children would not participate in such activity as western sports, music or even eating lunch at school (they did not even use the same plates). Now those Old Believers who left Oregon for Alaska did so because Oregon had too many worldly influences. What is all this now that politicians are advocating for such a union? It shows that there is more compromise in Alaska. It is like when a person sweeps out the demon and 7 other demons find the house clean and set up shop. This makes the end worse than the beginning. It makes me, a person who seriously appreciated the Old Believers , want to shy away from such things altogether. I do not see this as helpful at all. At first I thought this might only be with those Old Believers who accepted outside clergy, but I see it includes many other villages. I hope the report is mistaken, as is often the case. I would be sorrowful if all the Old Believer villages wanted these western sporting influences. I am certain that the more strict elders would not have accept this. I hope the Old Believers will keep the old way and not follow the temptation to be like the modern world. Many hockey player fall dead on the ice floor, if you do not know. It is far safer to put our trust in greater things, it is the only way to live a good life. One of these days I will make a report about sports from an Old Believer perspective. I did place Oregon Educators documents that references this topic on the Old Orthodox Wiki. I hope you see these things the same way as I do?


    Brother John
    Wednesday, April 15th 2009 @ 2:07 PM
    Posted by sportsman:
    in early 1900s russian old believers from orekhovo played soccer without any trouble. in modern romania the old believer sportsmen are the world champions, patzaykin for instance. John, no problem, relax.
    Thursday, April 16th 2009 @ 8:22 AM
    Posted by John Alden:
    Good health to everyone!

    I am as relaxed as possible while using demonic computers as we are here. Several Old Believers from the early 1900’s compromised so that they lost their identity as Old Believers . Modern Romania has been influenced by modern Communistic ways and Old Believers from their admit this themselves. It is not good to follow what others have departed from.

    One of the early emperors of Byzantium forbade the Olympic Games as paganism and assemblies of the heathen. The Olympic Games were not restarted until about 100 years ago when the Great Apostasy had long been established. The Moscow Stoglav Council of 1551 forbade all foreign games, even chess and card playing. There also are Nikonites with appreciation for the old Russia practices, the modern Russian elder Barsanuphius of Optina said that soccer was invented by the devil and Christians ought neither to play nor watch. So modern men can testify to what is right. Can we find a good example of encouraging others to attend sporting events?

    To play such games is innovation and contrary to what has clearly been revealed. I will simply follow what is clear and unmistakable. Tertullian was a heretic, but even he did attest to many things that were right, such as forbidding Christians from attending sporting events and theatrical productions.

    What do we do? We should follow what is clear, ancient and universal. I will prove all things and follow what is good and venerable.

    Today we are living during a time when things are worse than ever and the worst is right around the corner. This is no time to follow wicked examples, but pure ones. I will soon offer more good references on my site about this topic.

    Forgive, brother John
    Thursday, April 16th 2009 @ 11:13 AM
    Posted by sportsman:
    john, to use laptops is the same as to use knives or forks for you can use all the things for good or sinister purpose. it depends on our will. russian old believers of early 1900s were more pure old believers then you for old belief was their native faith and for you it’s not. but you consider your duty to judge faithful of the days of old . but you are only an outsider interested in the old believer aesthetics. useful information for you — skiing, skating, boxing, chess are traditional russian sports and they were never forbiden. and you are mistaken that stoglav forbade chess, may be your translation into english is incorrect. sorry but you are in dark about pre-nikonian russian lifestyle.
    Thursday, April 16th 2009 @ 12:19 PM
    Posted by John Alden:
    Good health to everyone!

    Laptops are not at all the same as using a good wooden spoon. I know good Old Believers that say forks are for sissies. I see nothing wrong with making use of a properly forged knife for eating purposes.

    About laptops, it is a proven fact that all computers emit an invisible odorless electronic smog that kills and harms people indiscriminately. Thing like cancer are not found among those who are raised in the distant reaches of Siberia, and birth defects with arms growing out of the hip never existed before. Electronics and other inventions from petroleum are the cause. God will destroy those who destroy the earth, of this there is no doubt. I hope we will all make a good repentance from such things. Speaking for myself I will say I am determined to break away from it all, once and for all. I am not alone either.

    Not everything depends solely on will, those who would obey God must not touch the unclean thing, they are not to have any association with them. Bad company corrupts good morals.

    The Old Faith is for anyone who has the courage to stand up against the wickedness of this world. It is everyone’s duty to obey God and do what is right. Everyone will give an answer on the last day whether they judged what is right or not.

    There is more than enough good examples from strict Old Believers as to the long standing position they take on such matters as pagan sports. I have talked with and met many Old Believers from around the world who agree, and there is other documentation for the stand of the Educational Departments from the USA on such matters.

    I am in transition from being an outsider to being inside the place of the strict Russian Old Believers . We cannot help where we were born, everyone has to start somewhere. Old Belief is not of such exclusivity as to suggest an outsider cannot repent and join the strict Old Believers . I know of many like myself, from the USA, who already have converted to various Old Belie
    Thursday, April 16th 2009 @ 2:20 PM
    Posted by John Alden:
    I am in transition from being an outsider to being inside the place of the strict Russian Old Believers . We cannot help where we were born, everyone has to start somewhere. Old Belief is not of such exclusivity as to suggest an outsider cannot repent and join the strict Old Believers . I know of many like myself, from the USA, who already have converted to various Old Believers groups. I have desired to live like a good Old Believer since 1995, but the problem is finding Old Believers that have not compromised with outsiders by using computers, etc. In the USA I know of very few Old Believers , if any, that actually avoid such compromise with outsider lifestyles. I for one am going to renounce all such worldliness and there are others like me in the USA. I have good reason to believe that there might also be strict Old Believers in every nation on earth.

    I am interested only in obeying God. There is no good example chess or any other pagan sport among the strict Old Believers or in Old Russia. As far as Skiing, Skating and Boxing goes, they can be justified and used for good purposes, but to make a pagan sport spectacle of them is entirely sinister. Modern minded Old Believers have indeed lost their identity, I can assure everyone of this.

    I do not rely on English translations, but perhaps they can lend support, for what they are worth. If you know a Old Slavonic text of the Stoglav I would very much be interested in learning from it, I do not have this. Many Old Believer ancient manuscripts are now online to for the world to view. Sportsman, do you a source for the Stoglav?

    I know of an Old Believer that is now in the USA who have did read the Old Slavonic text of the Stoglav while they still lived in Siberia. Their testimony to me is very clear about such pagan practices. Claiming that pagan sports were accepted in Old Russia is strongly disputed by many throughout all human history up until today. What I say here is not based solely on some arbitrary
    Thursday, April 16th 2009 @ 2:22 PM
    Posted by John Alden:
    I know of an Old Believer that is now in the USA who have did read the Old Slavonic text of the Stoglav while they still lived in Siberia. Their testimony to me is very clear about such pagan practices. Claiming that pagan sports were accepted in Old Russia is strongly disputed by many throughout all human history up until today. What I say here is not based solely on some arbitrary English translation of the Stoglav.

    We are presently living in the greatest age of darkness that this world has ever seen. Those that do not see this are the ones in the greatest of darkness.

    Forgive, brother John
    Thursday, April 16th 2009 @ 2:23 PM
    Posted by Георгий Лоскутов:
    Dear John,
    It’s very well, that some Anglo-Saxon Americans, not only Russians, are Old Believers .
    But it’s important, that Old Belief isn’t a lifestyle, but a faith. For example, the ortodox faith with both of Moscow and Belaja Krynitsa Metropolitanates, and not ortodox faith with Old Believers , which don’t want to pray with priests. These Old Believers , which don’t want to pray with priests, are heretics, but their lifestyles are more strict, especially in Siberia. And we, Ortodox Old Believers , have different lifestyles, usually not very strict, especially in sities. But we try to follow our lifestyles after Christ and holy people. Christian sense of our actions is more important, that not very senseful following after strict lifestyle traditions with heretics.
    Excuse me for my words on Great Friday and sorry for my poor English.
    Friday, April 17th 2009 @ 10:08 AM
    Posted by John Alden:
    Георгий Лоскутов

    Thank you for your comment.

    Many people today do not know what it means to be Christian or of the Old Faith. Christianity is both a lifestyle and faith. Faith and practice cannot be separated. Both must be together. Bad company corrupts good morals. We cannot live like the devil while we work and play, then pretend to be a Christian when we worship and pray. Everything is in the details.

    The Belaja Krynitisa and the Metropolinate of Moscow were created by Old Believers who decided to accept a New-Rite bishop without the blessing of another earthly Orthodox bishop, this is heresy. I know many Belaja Krynitsa people who have repented of this heresy and are now more strict Old Believers . It is not true that the more strict Old Believers don’t want to pray with priests, they just do not want to pray with heretical priests. The more strict Old Believers in Siberia and around the world that I have met all say that Christ is their Heavenly Pastor and High Priest. I agree with them. The holy prophet Daniel foretold that towards the end there would be a desolate sanctuary, where there are no earthly priests.
    Friday, April 17th 2009 @ 11:59 AM
    Posted by John Alden:
    Heresy is anything that contradicts Christ, the Apostolic Teachings from Christ and the Councils as guided by the Holy Spirit. Today there are multitudes of heresies where antichrist priests and bishops are in all earthly churches. St. John Chrysostom and other holy men taught this would happen. That time is now, all we need to do is look around and see it. We all can learn what is right about this.

    For most intents and purposes Orthodoxy is Lost during these last days. Only a relatively small number of people in the world today actually have Correct Faith and Practice, that is Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is not in the Churches today, it is in some strict Old Believer chapels in hidden places. We all can find it if we keep looking, I have seen it. After over ten years of searching I am only at an introductory level. It is not easy to find Orthodoxy in the USA, but it does exist in a little flock, maybe even in every nation.

    When the time is like today the command of Christ is to leave the cities. It is not possible to be a strict Christian and live in the cities. It is not possible to be an Old Orthodox Christian and accept earthly heretic bishops without a strict earthly Orthodox bishop. At one time the ancestors of the Belaja Krynitsa did not have earthly priests, but they became compromised and corrupted by the cities and accepted a heretical bishop in a contrary way to Christianity. Things are worse than ever so it is not a time to allow exceptions, or things only get worse, like with modern pagan sports.
    Friday, April 17th 2009 @ 12:00 PM
    Posted by John Alden:
    When a person sweeps out one demon in their house, then seven more demons find the house clean, move in and make it worse. These Old Believers with earthly priests are worse than pagans. They take their family to the law courts of men to sue them. They are greedy for money and desire drunkenness. Many of these Old Believers that accept earthly priests today die terrible unchristian deaths, which is proof enough. The Old Believers in cities do not know what it means to be a real Christian. We are not Christian if we work like the devil most of the time and believe we can still pray in the Old Faith. There is danger in compromise.

    The strict Old Believers in Siberia are not heretics, they accept all real priests.

    Thank you again for talking to me in English, I do not know Russian very well. I believe that we could learn a lot from each other if we were willing to talk more. I want us all to be good pilgrims to Heaven, and good family.

    Forgive, brat Ioann
    Friday, April 17th 2009 @ 12:01 PM
    Posted by Paul:
    Brother John, Christ is risen! Your texts are very interesting and one can guess your main idea – only priestless Old Believers are true faithful of nowadays. It seems to me that you mixed up two different aspects – lifestyle traditions of Old Moscovia and Old Orthodoxy. Defending wooden spoons you have attacked forks but I suppose it would be interesting for you that in Russian paganism wooden spoon was a symbol of protection of feeding gods and Russian archeologists found a lot of spoons – Russian pagan amulets. I hope you’ll agree that it’s not a cause to destruct all spoons. Therefore we have to distinguish between cultural artifacts and faith. So, let’s investigate the situation with Stoglav and Russian cultural tradition. Stoglav forbade all forms of gaming but in Russian folklore one can find that St. Vladimir the Baptizer was fond of chess and even Ivan the Terrible who was the initiator of Stoglav played chess before his death. Boxing was an integral component of Russian Old Believer communities even in 20th century. You can find a lot of evidences that traditional Russian boxing was important for the process of actualization of unity within the Old Believer communities: popovtsi hit bezpopovtsi and Nikonites and vice-versa (in Russia), Old Believers hit Nikonites and vice-versa (in China), and, pay attention please, there were victims and those who were killed during such fights were recognized heroes. Is it Old Believer or Russian traditional culture feature what is your opinion? Is it paganism or not? The same about inventions. In Russian Empire the vast majority of businessmen and merchants were Old Believers , not Nikonites, Protestants or Jews, and the Old Believers ’ enterprises were most effective and successful. It was the most impressive distinguishing feature of Russian Old Believers – up-to-date technology and pure Old Faith and you couldn’t find any difference between popovtsy and bezpopovtsy in that field.
    Monday, April 20th 2009 @ 8:51 AM
    Posted by Paul:
    Old Believers were never afraid of technical progress; they always used it for their own purposes. Only the Amish community rejected science and engineering but the Old Believers have never been the Amish!
    Monday, April 20th 2009 @ 8:52 AM
    Posted by Iwan:
    There is an interesting book called «Philosophy of the history of old believers » ( The book was written around 1900 and it throws the light on some questions discussed here. One day I will try to translate it because it contains very interesting theological aspects of following the old rite.

    But the short conclusion should be clear without reading the book- eating with wooden fork has its own meaning and sense. And also rejecting modern innovations and new life style is crucial for old belief.

    Recall once again «Pomorcy Answers» and you will understand the whole idea of «following the tradition». Old believers run away, they were persecuted precisely because of their rites and not because of what they have believed.

    Everything has a symbolic meaning as praying and going to church. But more important is the tradition because these rites and symbols get their spirit out of the tradition.

    It is also not right to try to convince brother John that he is not doing right. Such a behavior contradicts the idea of peaceful harmony. John’s belief is right if he believes it is right. As has been taught in «Pomorcy Answers»: «our beliefe is rescuing though we decline to judge other beliefes».
    Saturday, January 16th 2010 @ 12:18 PM

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