We need Spirit and Truth prayers!

We need to serve the divine service in English for there is no sense to serve in Slavonic if the majority of the faithful Old Believers attend a service without understanding a word. We are not the lambs without sense, and we need to understand the service order and all words of the prayers we pray to Our Lord.

We must say frankly that there are no young Russian-speaking Old Believers in our communities and traditional church reading in Slavonic is unintelligible for us for our mother language is English and Russian was left long ago. Our Lord wants us to be mindful of our prayer duties and Moscow is ready to grant us the Gospel reading and the litany singing in English as it was granted in Germany for German Old Believers to read and pray in German.

What for we have to attend the divine service without understanding the praying order? God wants us to worship Jesus in Spirit & Truth but it’s impossible for us now for we are only those who present but not pray. Let’s be obedient to Our Lord Jesus Christ and request English Old Believer service from the Mertopolia of Moscow if Mertopolia of Braila is against it. If we’d need our own church for the True worship — let’s build it! Don’t be silent, we are not servants of Sofrony, we want to be servants only of God!


Об авторе old believers

Old Believers and Old Ritualists Join us if you want to make our Old Believer and Old Rite Church pure! Paul, Max and all our faithful team
Запись опубликована в рубрике Germany, Old Believers, USA. Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

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