Nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest. Part 3

There is a monastery in Montana with a monk having hermitage over there. His name is R. B-n. This monk quite often mortifies his flesh in the company of young women.It’s the sin, isn’t it? Therefore Sa-rony scolds and punishes him. And in the purpose to help him to follow the true path of salvation Sa-rony to persuade two guys to accept the monkish vows and place them in the monastery. They came to see with their own eyes what Sa-rony offers them in fact. Very soon they realized their role in that monastic “family”. That is why they run away without looking back from this so-called Monastery at night.

The continuation of these strange stories cropped up in Latvia. A local guy who was a great fan of alcohol and transvestites was ordained priest by Sa-rony. Very soon the guys who were damned by normal women began to gather around him in Latvia. And it was Sa-rony who ordained them candle bearers over there.

What we have to do with all that?


Об авторе old believers

Old Believers and Old Ritualists Join us if you want to make our Old Believer and Old Rite Church pure! Paul, Max and all our faithful team
Запись опубликована в рубрике Old Believers, USA. Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

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