No suspect after monk decapitated

21. 11. 11. — 14:00
No suspect after monk decapitated

Romanian Times

Prosecutors started a criminal investigation after a monk was found decapitated in the street, in a village in the eastern county of Constanta.

The Prosecutor’s Office at the High Court of Justice said today (Mon) that the murderer is unidentified as yet.

The victim Alexe Artiom, 40, suffered a violent death and first information show he was decapitated with an ax, his body was put in a sack and thrown in the street in Ghindaresti, Constanta.

A former monk was found decapitated in the streets, in a village of 3,200 inhabitants in Ghindaresti, Constanta county, southern Romania.

The body was found decapitated in a sack in the ditch on Saturday morning.

Prosecutors started investigations and said he was most probably decapitated with an ax. His head was at his feet.

Artiom Alexe, 40, had been living in the community for years and he had been known, as he had been monk until two years earlier, when he left to work in Spain.

Locals say he had homosexual affairs and prosecutors are investigating all possible leads.

Prosecutor Sadac Zafer said all the villagers are suspects in this case.


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    Posted by Romanian:
    3. 06. 11. — 14:00
    Young man decapitates his father

    Romanian Times

    A man has decapitated his father and then went to the psychiatric hospital and told doctors what he had done.

    The 22-year-old man from Motaeni village, Dambovita county, southern Romania, was known to have psychiatric problems, but he was very calm until then.

    He was living with his father, as his mother was working in Italy.

    The body of the decapitated father was found by police inside the house, and they are now looking for the axe used in the murder.
    Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 @ 6:57 AM
    Posted by Romanian:
    Decapitated body of Romanian prostitute found in France

    David Hill

    The decapitated body of a Romanian prostitute in an advanced state of decomposition has been found by fishermen in the Durance river near Avignon, France.

    The woman, identified as Georgiana Andreea, 20, had been working as a prostitute in the town, according to local police

    Her cousins had reported she had disappeared last month after having been seen with a Moroccan man.

    The cause of her death has not yet been determined.
    Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 @ 6:59 AM
    Posted by Anonymous:
    Да, в Румынии это в порядке вещей — резать головы долой! Очень замечательная и благочестивая страна!
    Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 @ 9:53 AM
    Posted by Anonymous:
    Люди, не верьте прасоловским переводам с румынского на русский. Это все обман и подтасовки!
    Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 @ 10:12 AM
    Posted by Anonymous:
    верите неверите в прасалвском переводом, правада ести ашыбка но?астаљние заботица боле чем наше? наше зашли в тупик?2 или 3 манах уже мертвои там?или от туда? тот парени кроме лелхдисеков??
    Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 @ 10:34 AM

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