Old Believer village of Tataritsa, Bulgaria. Part 1

Russians (Bulgarian: руснаци, rusnatsi) form the fourth largest ethnic group in Bulgaria, numbering 9,978 according to the 2011 census,[1]

Among the early Russian settlers were Old Believer Nekrasov Cossacks, some of which founded the village of Tataritsa in then-Ottoman-ruled Southern Dobruja (nowadays part of the village of Aydemir[2] in Silistra Province) in 1674, building a church in 1750.[3] Another Russian-inhabited village in the northeast of Bulgaria is Kazashko in Varna Province, where descendants of Kuban and Don Cossacks have been living since 1905.[4] The members of these Old Believer communities are locally known as Lipovans (липованци, lipovantsi)[4] and belong to a group also inhabiting Romania and Ukraine. Their main occupation is fishing, in the Danube for the Lipovans in Tataritsa and in Lake Varna for those in Kazashko.[5]

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Vintage picture of the Old Believer church in Tataritsa, 1980s

Old Believer village of Tataritsa


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