Old Believer Russian Colony in Brazil

Представляем нашим читателям уникальное видео колонии русских старообрядцев в Бразилии em Ponta Grossa-PR e Montividiu-GO. Видео запись относится к 1999 году. Россия перенесена в Бразилию. Многие ли старообрядцы в России, Румынии, Америки или Австралии похожи на этих истинных староверов из Бразилии? К сожалению, мы должны сказать — ОЧЕНЬ НЕМНОГИЕ!



Об авторе old believers

Old Believers and Old Ritualists Join us if you want to make our Old Believer and Old Rite Church pure! Paul, Max and all our faithful team
Запись опубликована в рубрике Brazil, Old Believers с метками . Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

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  1. Translation
    Here’s the dialogue of the first video translated to English:

    Reporter: You’ll now learn about a piece of Russia here in Brazil (animated signs say “here you don’t speak Portuguese”).
    Reporter: Fields of sunflowers, men with long beards, women with long dresses, rosy children; Russia is right there, in Montevidiu, in the backwoods of Goias. A Russia of modern machines and computers but of very old clothing, customs and language. The 70 inhabitants of this small Brazilian “Russia” live united by language and especially by religion. They’re all followers of the Russian Orthodox Church.
    Man: We are practicing the language more because of the church and the religion as well.
    Reporter: The parents of these Russians came to Brazil at the end of the ‘50s, it was the last phase of an escape that began in 1917, with the religious persecution brought on by the Communist Revolution. The Brazilian Russians live in closed groups; on this farm in Ponto Grosso, Parana, they are scared away or even irritated when they notice the presence of journalists.
    Man: turn off that machine over there.
    Reporter: [and] To film the religious meetings, don’t even think about it. In Goias the reception is much friendlier, but the principles remain rigid.
    Man: We don’t keep televisions at home because of music, because of too many liberties on television.
    Reporter: Religion is what determines clothing. Like the men’s sweaters, the belts around the children’s waists and the kerchiefs that cover the married women’s heads. But what about the language?
    (Reporter asks the girl her name and is told “she doesn’t understand anything). Reporter continues: here the children learn Russian first.
    Russian Man: When children are little they have a great ability to learn to speak things, so we speak Russian with the little children, and when they are a certain age they go to school and their they learn Portuguese.
    Reporter: But in addition to the official school, the children attend another, very special one. In this classroom you don’t speak Portuguese. Here the children and young people from the community reinforce their Russian learning and also study Greek, which is a fundamental language to learn so they can follow the masses in the Orthodox Church. The teacher was brought from Russia, just to teach lessons in Religion, Russian and Greek. Importing teachers; importing brides. The religion determines that the marriages should be between Orthodox Russians. If there are not brides for all, they work to get them from Russian colonies in other countries.
    Russian Woman: I was born in Argentina, lived in the US, and now I’m living here.
    Reporter: But will this tradition endure over time?
    Russian Man: The desire is that everyone will stay, but there are lots of people who already married to Brazilians, who live….who don’t follow the religion.
    Reporter: And if one of the children don’t follow this commandment?
    Russian Man: What can we do? I’m going to try to make…to convince them, but unhappily if I’m unable to, I mean, I’m not gonna do anything.

    Source: native speaker
    Meta-Ethnicity: Germanic
    Ethnicity: English
    Country: United States

    Одно только есть уточнение: репортер ошибается, приписывая этих староверов к РПЦ. Это настоящие староверы-безпоповцы, древлеправославные, а не ново»православные».

    NB. These Russians are Old Orthodox of priestless Old Believers.

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