One more step in the discussion on National Geographic’s casting call for Alaska’s Old Believers

В продолжение острой дискуссии о предстоящих  в Марте 2013 года съемках реалити-шоу о старообрядцах Аляски, затеянных National Geographic Channel, журналист Alan Mairson взял интервью у исполнительного продюсера этого предстоящего шоу Lisa Blake. Очень интересный материал для размышления.


Will National Geographic’s upcoming series about Alaska’s “Old Believers” be a depressing repeat of “Meet The Hutterites”… but with polar bears?

by Alan Mairson on January 27, 2013

Lisa Blake is the Executive Producer of an upcoming “docu-series” about Alaska’s Old Believers that begins shooting in March. Produced by National Geographic Television, the series will air on the National Geographic Channel. The casting call for the series’ future stars — “big personalities” with “an interesting story to tell” — begins Tuesday in Homer, Alaska.

This evening I reached Lisa in New York just as she was packing to fly to Alaska for the casting call. Lisa couldn’t have been nicer, more gracious, or more honest — and it’s reassuring to know that someone like her is part of this production team.

Lisa_Blake_imdb Lisa Blake (via IMDB)

That said, these “docu-series” are team efforts, which means that Old Believers — just like Meet The Hutterites and American Gypsies — is meant to reflect the programming vision, values, and taste of the National Geographic Channel’s Chief Executive Officer — David Lyle (formerly head of the now-defunct Fox Reality Channel).

Please listen to the interview — especially the sections I’ve marked on the comment timeline. And while you listen, ask yourself this: Would you sign a contract to participate in this series before you were able to meet face-to-face with Jared The Show Runner? Because on Tuesday night in Homer, that’s exactly what Lisa and her team from National Geographic will ask people to do. (Go to the second-to-last comment marker — When does Jared The Dictator show up? — on the timeline below.)

Interview with Lisa Blake:


Об авторе old believers

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