Upcoming «docu-reality» forced old believers to resist

Намерение National Geographic Channel, принадлежащего Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, снять о старообрядцах Аляски фильм в стиле «документальной реальности», вызвало беспокойство и неприятие среди староверов Аляски. Кроме того, оказалось, что значительная часть американского общества негативно настроена по отношению к старообрядцам, приписывая им криминальные наклонности.

Все это вместе взятое спровоцировало острейшую дискуссию, которая развернулась в последние 5 дней на вэб-страницах некоторых аляскинских газет. Об этом наш сайт уже информировал читалелей в прежние дни.  Дискуссия достигла такого накала, что один сайт ввел цензуру сообщений, а второй вообще закрыл обсуждение. Так что полная версия дискуссии доступна только на нашем сайте —   читайте здесь и здесь

Впрочем, отголоски этой полемики еще слышны. Предлагаем вниманию читателей еще один материал на эту тему.


National Geographic holds casting call

Story last updated at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The National Geographic Channel holds an open casting call for Russian Old Believer families working in the fishing and boat building industries interested in appearing in an upcoming «docu-reality» television series. A meeting about the series is 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Nikolaevsk School in Nikolaevsk. National Geographic producers will be at the meeting and in town Jan. 28 to Feb. 1 to meet with prospective families.

The series is set in Homer and Kachemak Bay communities and looks at the world of Old Believers. «We are looking for individuals and families with big personalities who would like to be part of this series,» the producers said in a press release. Families cast in the series can earn up to $3,500 per episode. People with questions can call (212) 730-4545. Filming starts in March.

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S. White • 2 days ago −

I don’t know who S. Basargin is, but I do know that his or her comment is a very well expressed representation of how the vast majority of the Old Believers feel about this proposed invasion of our communities. Please keep this in mind if NGS goes through with the project. By the way, it looks like ‘Kimberly’s’ comment has been removed from the Trib’s comment section and it has been closed for further comments.

kim > S. White • a day ago

My comment wasn’t even posted and it wasn’t all that controversial. I initially thought this was a good idea for this awesome community to be celebrated this way. I only wanted to suggest that the community gets together and writes their own contract, demanding control over final editing, by democratic vote of the community. Other that highlighting these wonderful people, it would also be a great way to show the amazing scenery out east end and a good time to talk about Buccaneer and how their plans to frack in their backyard will contaminate the water for all of the Russian Villages as well as the air and quite possibly kill livestock. The Russian Villagers that have lived in this area for generations should have priority over a corporation from another country moving in to make profit in Asia.


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