Russian Old Believers work on their time schedule, not others’

Очень симпатичный ответ на вопрос почему в разнонациональном Орегоне русские старообрядцы становятся контракторами, фермерами или занимаются коммерческим рыболовством. Во всем виноваты праздники!



Oregon is about distinct ethnic enclaves. That is Oregon’s history. First it was French-Canadian-Native American men with Native American wives becoming agrarian on French Prairie. Catholics. And there is the Catholic crescent from Champoeg to Scio by way of Stayton, Sublimity, Mount Angel, and St. Paul. The Scandinavians of the lower Columbia and Astoria, and the Slavs who fished with them. The Irish of Lake county herding sheep and then cows. The Scots of Pendelton and their sheep outfits and then grain ranches. Polk and Yamhill county Amish, and Linn county Mennonites. Cloisters and clusters of like experience people. First the Old Believer Russians to Woodburn and Hubbard, and then the Mexicans from Michoacan who came to work in reforestation. The Germans who were the first residents of North Portland, and then the African Americans who came to work in the war effort in WWII in far north Portland. The Gypsies who lived in the old retail stores in southwest Portland, who were dispersed by the directed placement of urban renewal dollars and effort. I remember visiting my great grandmother, born in Laurel in 1864, on Princeton street and the Sikh grocer on the corner down Fessendon I believe the street was called. Or the two men in turbans who came to my grandparents in Corvallis to cut slabwood that had dried on the curb strip, into fire wood bolts, and throw it in the wood window to the basement. A Model B Ford truck jacked up so the motor could run the wheels, one of which had a big belt that ran the cut off circular saw. I remember the Indian ladies selling baskets at the beach. Grandpa told me the Queen of the Yamhills sold baskets in front of the Ladd and Bush Bank in Salem each saturday. Oregon was formed from enclaves of like peoples seeking their fortune in another part of the world. That it would be different today is disingenuous to say. The service workers for the railroads were black, and Portland was home to hundreds. Japanese farmers tilled the finest soils in Oregon until taken away by WWII, and their land sold to whites. For a time, east of the Cascades was home to more Chinese than people of European descent, as Chinese labor was used in rail road building and mining. As the Christian Europeans were seeking out natural resources, Eastern European and Middle Eastern Jews, Muslims, and Coptic and Orthodox Christians were selling goods to those seeking land and minerals, timber and fish. They tended to live with their kind. Worship with their kind. Diversity has always been here, but much of it was in enclaves. And some still is. You can’t be a regular 40 hour a week worker and be an Old Believer Russian because you have so many religious holidays. So you become a contractor or a farmer or a commercial fisherman. You work on your time schedule, not others’. Rural, down state Oregon, is not a homogenous blend of white people, nor is it a place of bigotry. Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes. That, however, does not fit the liberal dream of diversity. Hence, this newspaper reporting of the «problem.» Is it really a problem? Or is it just a perception?

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