Russian Old Believer Bear Hunting Heroes in China

Старообрядцы в Маньчжурии имели славу выдающихся охотников и храбрецов, недаром их сравнивали с самураями. Они стали известны во всем мире благодаря охоте на уссурийских тигров, которых было очень много в Маньчжурии и они приносили большой вред местным жителям. Однако суровая природа Маньчжурии была знаменита не только своими морозами до – 30 С и тиграми. Там обитали чудовища не менее опасные.

Сегодня мы хотим представить вниманию наших друзей рассказ Феопента Реутова, записанный Гаврилой Мартюшевым, о том, как старообрядческие охотники избавили одно из маньчжурских селений от набегов медведя-людоеда.

Дело было в том, что медведь уже совершил несколько нападений на китайскую деревню, находившуюся от старообрядцев за 60 миль, а одного дровосека медведь загрыз, раскусив ему голову. Китайские охотники не смогли справиться с этим чудовищем и обратились к властям. Местные власти попросили старообрядцев покончить с этим медведем.

Из-за советских репрессий во второй половине 1940-х голов в старообрядческих селах остались лишь «старые да малые», поэтому на медвежью охоту вышли старик Антип Семериков и 3 подростка: Феопент Реутов,  Роман Чащин и Евтихий Реутов.

Подробности этой захватывающей истории читайте ниже.



By Feopent Reutov, storyteller

Written by Gabe Martushev

 In 1947 a group of about 30 Russian families fled from Communist persecution in Russia and found refuge in a village near Harbin, China. They settled in and soon earned a reputation for being great hunters, fishermen and wilderness guides. They were often called upon for questions about forestry and for search and rescue operations.

 About 60 miles away from the Russian village was a Chinese village where a large bear started terrorizing the people that lived there. They had to barricade themselves indoors as it attacked anyone who dared venture outside. One villager had been cutting down a tree, not aware of his surroundings, when the bear silently crept up and took his head in its mouth and crushed him.

 The local hunters were unable to successfully kill the bear and turned to the local authorities for help. The authorities, who had heard of the Russians’ reputation for being great hunters, drove to the Russian village to ask them for help.

Upon arrival at the village they found that all the men of hunting age had gone hunting to a different region far away. The only men left in the village were teenagers and old men. Antip Semerikov, in his 60’s, agreed to help hunt down the bear but only if he could take a few teenagers with him. Three teenagers, Feopent Reutov (storyteller), Roman Chaschin, and Eftihiy Reutov, were picked to go on this mission.

The teenagers were all avid huntsmen taught by their fathers. From a very young age they learned to hunt local fowl and deer.

Although the Russians were given free rein in their own hunting area, they all followed local Chinese law when outside of their territory. Mindful not to break the law the teenagers informed to the authorities that they were only 14 (under the legal hunting age of 18). The authorities insisted that the young men help them hunt down the bear. The police chief quickly wrote a permit giving the teenagers authorization to hunt legally in China.

The groups of four were taken by truck to the village that was being terrorized by the bear. There they met a guide who directed them up a hill where the bear was believed to be. Very afraid, the guide left the Russians to find the bear on their own as quickly as he could. The four fearlessly trudged up the mountain in a hunting formation. All of a sudden the large bear reared up from behind a boulder and the Russians fired at it. Multiple shots rang out and the bear finally collapsed. The victorious hunters returned down the hill and informed the villagers about their successful mission.

The people cried out in great joy and relief that the monster was finally killed. A local newspaper took a picture of the four Russians standing beside the dead bear. The hunters were hailed as heroes, given great praise, and paid handsomely for their mission.

Feopent Reutov tells this story of his teenage years living in China. He continued to live in the Tunshin area until 1957 when his family moved to Ponta Grossa, Brazil. In 1963, they immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Woodburn, Oregon.


Источник: R.O.B.E.S. Newsletter The Traditional, July/August 2012


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