Russian Old Believer cemetery at Nikolaevsk, Alaska

Старообрядческое село Николаевск на Аляске, США, возникло  в 1967 году. С 1968 года в Николаевске старообрядцы часовенного согласия создали прочные дома и постоянное поселение, Начали строить моленную и школу. А с 1975 года берет свое начало и старообрядческое кладбище. К 1985 году часть николаевских старообрядцев приняли священство от Белокриницкаой иерархии. Возникло два общества – поповское и безпоповское. Кладбище же осталось общим.

К настоящему времени известны не все имена старообрядцев, покоящихся в могилах старообрядческого кладбища в Николаевске. Мы публикуем только те материалы, которые стали известны по состоянию на начало 2000х годов благодаря работе священника Николы Якунина.

P.S. Мы готовы разместить информацию и о других старообрядческих кладбищах Аляски.

Old Believer cemetery in Nikolaevsk, Alaska

Old Believer cemetery in Nikolaevsk, Alaska



Nikolaevsk, Alaska

 The Nikolaevsk Cemetery is located in Nikolaevsk, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska. The cemetery is reached by driving on Nikolaevsk Road through the village. Drive past the post office and continue up the hill. The cemetery is on the right. It is fenced and has a signed gate. The village maintains it.

Russian Orthodox Crosses mark most of the graves. Those buried here are Old Believers. All the inscriptions are written in Russian. Father Nick Yakunin translated them and he provided the additional information. The dates are old calendar dates taken from the Julian Calendar. They are thirteen days later than the current calendar. On the slanted crosspiece the cause of death is written. The cemetery was read on May 21, 2002.


Row one is to the right of the gate against the fence.

16. Boris P. Kuzmin

7-24-1960 — 9-7-1991

Died off the shore of Cordova fishing for salmon

17. Feodosy Basargin

6-8-1955 — 1-11-1993

In memory forever

Our dear son, brother, godfather

18. Michael Martushev

(Name written on a rock. Suicide)


1. Small white metal Russian cross

2. David E. Reutov

10-2-79 — 9-13-82

(David Renton. Wooden cross.)

4. Peter P. Fefelov


(Infant. One day old. Tall silver metal cross.)

6. Broken wooden cross next to a bush

8. Wooden cross lying on the grave

9. Broken wooden cross

11. Unpainted wooden cross

12. Unpainted wooden cross

13. Unpainted wooden cross lying on grave

14. Large unpainted wooden cross

16. Claudia S. Polushkin

3-18-1944 — 6-12-1983

Died of poor health

17. Unpainted wooden cross lying on grave


3. Elefery I. Basargin

8-4-1959 — 10-13-1978

Died in a car accident

(Born in China. Large silver cross)

5. Feoktisti A. Martushev

11-9-1928 — 7-6-1976

Died due to fumes from carbon monoxide on a boat. (Born in Russia. Large silver cross with crucifix)

7. Ksenia M. Martushev

1-24-1895 — 10-13-1975

Died of old age (Father Nick’s grandmother born in Russia. Large silver cross with crucifix)

9. Gregory V. Martushev

1-25-1891 — 4-24-1981

Died of old age (Father Nick’s grandfather. Born in Russia. Fought for Russia in World War I. Large silver cross with crucifix)


11. Nikolai J. Martushoff

(Born in Russia. Drown about 1982. Unpainted wooden cross)

13. Kiril P. Martushev

2-4-1944 — 10-30-1982

Died from a boat engine swinging from scaffolding and hitting him in the head. (Born in China. Large silver cross with crucifix)

14. Unpainted wooden cross

16. Unpainted wooden cross

17. Broken wooden cross lying on the grave



11. Peter A. Tipikin

10-22-1963 — 9-18-1996

(Born in Brazil. Large silver cross with crucifix.)

13. Pimen V. Yakunin

8-27-1915 — 5-20-1990

(Father Nick’s father. Born in Russia. Large silver cross with crucifix)

15. Efimy S. Bogdanoff

12-26-1922 — 6-4-1984

(Born in Persia. Large silver cross with crucifix.)

17. Vasily Badunov

(Marked with unnamed wooden cross. Identified by Father Nick. Born in China. Died about 1994)

18. Maria D. Kiseleva

4-1-1918 — 1-10-2002

(Born in Russia. Wooden cross with crucifix)

Kenai Peninsula Borough AK Archives Cemetery ….. Nikolaevsk Cemetery in Nikolaevsk, Alaska


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  1. Great Russian:

    Pay attention to # 5 (Born in Russia), # 7 (born in Russia), # 9 (Born in Russia), # 11 (Born in Russia), # 13, row 5 (Born in Russia), # 18 (Born in Russia), etc. And I wonder why their descendants deal with Romania, not Russia?

  2. Аноним:

    #4 The son of Fr. Pavel and m. Natalia Fefelov

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