Nat Geo documentary at last, great scandal at least. P. 2

Фотогалерея, приложенная Nat Geo C к своей «Красной Аляске», очень занимательная сама по себе, также не осталась без язвительных комментариев самих старообрядцев. Конечно, смешно смотреть, когда мужика в чудной шапке называют «святым», потому что его путают с николаевским попом на том основании, что у обоих есть борода, странная шапка (у попа скуфья) и имя Ник. А потом называют «старообрядческим попом Ником» еще одного мужика, совершенно не похожего ни на предыдущего «святого», ни на самого о. Николу. А потом и четвертого рыбака тоже именуют «попом Ником». А школу, на которой аршинными буквами написано » школа Вознесенки», называют николаевской общинной школой. Видимо, тесное общение с николаевскими любителями текилы не прошло для телевизионщиков даром. 🙂

Впрочем, смотрите все сами.



Mountains and Seas

Photograph by National Geographic Channels
In the remote Alaskan wilderness lies the village of Nikolaevsk, home to a devout Russian-American religious group called the Old Believers.


On the Water

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

With fishing their primary trade, the village’s survival is dependent on a successful fishing season.


Holy Man

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Father Nik is the village’s high priest and spiritual leader.


Shared Waters

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Nikolaevsk’s marina full of commercial fishing boats. The village shares fishing waters with the East End, where dissidents from their community relocated.


Passing the Torch

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Old Believer priest Nik steering his fishing boat. His father was the community’s first priest.


Father Figure

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Nik became the community’s priest after his father left the faith, choosing to go priestless.


Winter Thaw

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

After almost 9 months of winter, every fishing boat must be inspected before fishing season starts.


In the Sun

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

The long winters take a financial toll on the community, who rush to prepare their ships for the new fishing season.


Three Believers

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Old Believer priest Nik, his sister Kira, and fellow villager George gathering together at a community event.


 Captain and Mate

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Old Believer Vars is captian of his father’s boat that he works on with brother George.


Southern Point

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

The village of Nikolaevsk is Located on the Kenai peninsula on the Southern coast of Alaska.


Black Ice

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

An icy street past the Nikolaevsk community school.


Boat on the Road

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Nik towing his boat to the Marina. Old Believers have tradtionally lived a subsistence lifestyle, dependent on fishing.


Inside, Outside

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Nik’s boat Outsider on its way to the the water after inspection.


Career Change

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Old Believer Dom is trying to find a boat before fishing season begins in order to provide for this family.


Family Affair

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

George joined his family in becoming a fisherman and now works with his brothers and father.


Eva Martushev Dec 1, 2013

I think they forgot to mention that George Martushev is a deadbeat dad who owes $110,000 in back child support. He works for his father according to this but yet nothing has ever been withheld and paid. The only funds ever paid are his annual dividend that the state garnishes (after the courts get their money for his fines).

He certainly doesn’t believe in his obligations as a father.


New and Improved

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Nik is working to raise the money to construct a new church.


Budget Battle

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

The new church building has stalled due to a lack of funds. Nik hopes the fisherman, after bringing in an insufficient amount of money, can still help save the church.


Об авторе old believers

Old Believers and Old Ritualists Join us if you want to make our Old Believer and Old Rite Church pure! Paul, Max and all our faithful team
Запись опубликована в рубрике Old Believers, USA с метками , , , , , . Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

Один комментарий на «Nat Geo documentary at last, great scandal at least. P. 2»

  1. Beobachter:

    Очень показательный диалог между старообрядкой Sophia и Alan Mairson по поводу этого скандального фильма:

    Sophia •
    I have just watched Nat Geo’s portrayal of Old Believers, as an Old Believer myself, I will let you know that majority of the community (with the exception of those 10 people that were in the film) didn’t want our lives on tv for all of the world to see. It also looked like that the village of Nikolaevsk
    wasn’t too thrilled with Nat Geo coming in and filming them as well because I’m
    pretty sure that the village has more than 10 people in it. I
    guess I can say that I’m not surprised on Nat Geo’s portrayal of the Old
    believer Russian community, they have a knack of taking the worst out of religious communities that they have done documentaries on; The filming that were done on the Amish and Hutterian communities are great examples of Nat Geo extracting the worst out of communities that still have sacred religious practices. I hope that people realize that there are bad eggs in every community, and majority of the time the bad eggs are the ones that are always trying to get attention which in turn stereotypes everybody else that may have an association to them.

    Alan Mairson Mod Sophia •
    Sophia — Thanks for your message. And I’m sorry to hear about the Old Believers show. Earlier this year, when the producers arrived in Nikolaevsk to begin casting for the program, I was worried that the dramatic demands of reality TV would mean that the Old Believers would participate in creating a very public portrait of their community that they might one day regret. As you mention, the Hutterites are the most recent & most vivid example of what can go wrong on reality shows like this one. I get the sinking feeling that what can go wrong has gone wrong… yet again.

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